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Monday, August 15, 2005

Regarding Henry

Yep, I love that movie. That isn't why we chose the name, although it's a good segue into some things I want to share about my baby boy:

Henry was my husband's paternal grandfather's name. Holden, Henry's middle name, was taken from the main character in "Catcher in the Rye." Yes, I know Holden Caulfield ended up having a nervous breakdown, but I'm pretty sure that's not the point of the novel. Anyway, I wanted Henry's name(s) to mean something. I remember being so disappointed as a child when I asked my mom why they gave me the name they did, and she replied, "We just liked how it sounded." How dull is that?

He does the funniest thing with his arms in his sleep -- they'll be resting gently by his side, and then suddenly they'll go straight up into the air over his head and then back down again. Whenever he does this my husband says, "Touchdown!" which is ironic considering neither of us have any interest in football.

When he's half-asleep and his eyes seem to be focused on nothing he kneads the air in slow motion with his hands; first one hand, then the other. It is the sweetest thing I have ever seen.

He was born knowing how to suck, and how! I'm sure this information will come back to torment him some day.

He likes to have his hands up by his face. Very cute, except when it's dangerous, as in his delivery, or annoying, as when I'm trying to get him to nurse. But other than that, very cute.

He has exceptionally large hands and feet. The midwife says she thinks he's going to be tall. That would be nice, since everyone in my family views my 6'3" husband as a giant. Not a statuesque bunch, my family.

He was born with a lot of hair, and I don't mean just on his head. His back and arms have fine dark hair covering them. I'm sure this will go away; I mean, I've never seen a one-year-old with a hairy back. Have you?

He's smiling already. I'm sure it's just an involuntary expression, one of many he makes, but it's so nice to look down at his little face after nursing him and see the corners of his mouth go up as he's drifting off to sleep.

He loves being outside. I haven't been able to go out yet, but my husband walks him around the yard at least a few times a day to get some sun on him to prevent jaundice. It calms him down immediately. This could be a problem, as we are not outdoorsy people.

And finally, he just doesn't seem to get that if he would just sleep for more than two hours at a stretch it would be better for everyone. I mean, that's pretty simple logic. Sigh.


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