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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The Unexpected Benefits of Breastfeeding

Henry is exclusively breastfed (unless he's been sneaking Fritos when I'm not looking) and I'd have to say it's working out very well for both of us, despite a few (occasionally painful) bumps in the road.

For one thing, it's encouraged me to eat healthier. I haven't had a soda since Henry was born and very little candy. Also, I've been losing weight like crazy -- I'm only a few pounds short of my pre-pregnancy weight.

For his part, Henry seems to be thriving on my vegan diet-produced breastmilk, weighing in at almost ten pounds two weeks past his birth date and twelve pounds two weeks after that. His doctor said that most babies lose some of their birth weight in the first week or so and he likes to see them regain it by four weeks. Call my child an overachiever.

One of the unexpected nice things about breastfeeding, though, is that my breast apparently functions as both a food source and a pillow. Sometimes, while we're lying down at night, Henry not only rests his head on my breast and falls asleep after he's done eating, he also throws an arm on it for good measure.

Sweet dreams on your boobie pillow, little one.


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