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Wednesday, May 05, 2010


March 2010:

[New Mama]: This morning in bed Henry said (in his sleep), "No! Put it back!" Then 30 seconds later he mumbled, "Never mind. I was just dreamin'."

[New Mama] is both amused and annoyed by the new game Henry invented. He calls it "Sound Search." It's like a word search, but out loud -- he spews nonsense words with a few real words mixed in for about two minutes, and then we have to tell him what real words we heard.

[New Mama] likes it when Henry calls me "Mama-ka."

[New Mama] hates it when Henry tries to get my attention when I'm on the computer by silently pushing the lever to lower my chair.

[New Mama] was coloring robots with Henry when he stopped to watch me work. I said, "Honey, are you going to finish yours?" and he replied, "No, I'm just mostly making sure you stay in the lines."

[New Mama] likes to use reverse psychology on Henry. So I shouldn't have been surprised last night when I was laying with him waiting for him to fall asleep, and he kept begging me to hand him his water bottle for "one more drink", and he finally said quietly, "Mom? You better not get that water before *I* do."

[New Mama]'s son is now pretending that he's a dirigible called "The Hindenburger."

[New Mama] just explained to Henry about earning the cat's trust so she would stop running from him even when he's trying to be kind. He replied, "I'll earn Venus's trust and then surprise her by being mean to her."

April 2010:

[New Mama] is getting a little weary of answering questions like, "What happens if your bladder explodes?" and "Why do they call it a 'penis' if pee AND sperm come out of it?"

[New Mama]'s son just found out that he's been drawing Jewish stars. Henry said, "Mom, I think we should become Jewish since I've been drawing Jewish stars." And then he got mad when I told him I didn't think that would be happening.

[New Mama]'s son just said to the cat, "Venus, I love you. Let's kiss."

[New Mama] recently explained to Henry what a GPS is and he's started pretending to be one in the car. Let's just say that if this is what GPS is really like, there's no way in hell I'm ever buying one.

[New Mama]'s son woke up this morning and asked, "Who's getting up with me?" I told him that I was and he said, "That's good news. I love you more than Daddy." Poor Daddy.

[New Mama]'s son just said, "Venus [our cat] is mostly made of purrs and meows."

[New Mama]'s son is constantly asking me to look up projects on the computer ("Mom, I want a project of a blimp! Mom, look up a project of a volcano!"). Just now he said, "I want a project of a project."

[New Mama]'s son has been SO sweet to me when I've been feeling yucky. I told him, "Henry, I really appreciate what good care you take of me when I'm not feeling well." He replied, "That's because...I love you!" Awwww...

[New Mama] just heard Henry say sternly to the cat, "I want more purring and less meowing."

[New Mama]'s son was just asked to clean up the living room. As he pushed everything against the walls, I said, "Why don't you put things where they belong instead?" He replied, "This is my way. If you don't like my way, don't ask."

[New Mama] adores that Henry says "Mom? I love you" constantly throughout the day and night.

[New Mama]'s son just had an accident and when I asked him why he didn't just poop when he was peeing on the toilet two minutes earlier, he said, "It's too hard to explain."

[New Mama] was singing "Skip to My Lou" (it's on a children's CD we have) and Henry said, "Are those the words? I thought it was 'hit the loop of hot garlic'."

May 2010:

[New Mama]: This morning Henry said, "My pajamas don't make any sense. They have astronauts floating in space, but they're not tethered to anything."


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