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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Aren't Belly Buttons Supposed to be Cute?

So...out of all the truly unpleasant, alarming or unsightly things that happens to a woman's body when she's pregnant -- not to mention what goes on during labor and childbirth -- the one thing my husband seems truly repulsed by is my belly button.

Yeah. I said belly button.

This is a man who is hoping to be able to catch the baby as he comes out, folks. A man who has already witnessed the birth of three of his children, has mopped up projectile vomit, changed countless diapers, and cleaned out ears oozing with infection.

Yet he's disturbed by the sight of my belly button becoming shallower and shallower.

I'm not quite sure what my husband will do if it pops out entirely. It's a good thing we live in a no-fault divorce state, because otherwise he'd be forced to list "outie" as the reason for leaving me. And wouldn't that look silly.


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