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Monday, October 17, 2005

Love Means Never Letting Him Cry It Out

Well, I must officially be a parent, because one of my parenting choices has already been criticized. By my own mother, no less.

Henry and I have been going to visit my parents once a week, and every time we're there my mom asks, "So, do you ever put him down on a blanket on the floor?" My response has been, "Yes, sometimes, but he doesn't put up with it for long."

After going through this little verbal dance last week, my mom, who was holding Henry, said, "Your mommy is spoiling you...but that's okay."

Gee Mom, thanks.

I'd like to know exactly what she'd have me do. Leave the ten-week-old on the floor crying so he'll toughen up and learn to like it?

And there goes my whole childhood, flashing before my eyes.


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