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Saturday, December 17, 2005

"Motherhood Becomes You"

Friends ask me if motherhood is everything I thought it would be. And I have to say that while I'm not sure I had any concrete expectations about it, being the mommy pretty much rocks.

Sure, there are times when Henry won't stop crying and I realize I can't pass him off to his mom, because I am his mom. Or when I think it would be really nice to spend a lazy afternoon reading a novel, and it sinks in that I may not be able to enjoy such a luxury for a long, long time.

But then I notice those big brown eyes monitoring my every movement, and see how he smiles the most easily for me, and know that he's strong and healthy because of the nourishment I'm providing for him...and I really don't mind giving up so much to get so much in return.

A friend who came to visit not long after Henry was born said to me, "Motherhood becomes you." And I thought, Hell yeah. Being a mom is filling the empty part of me I didn't even realize existed until Henry came along.


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