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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The Latest Update

Disclaimer: A big part of the reason I blog is to document my experiences for Henry for when he gets old enough to appreciate them. So occasionally I'll write about his latest developments...which may not be all that fascinating to the majority of the reading public.

We now return to our regularly scheduled blog entry.

A few things Henry's been up to lately:

  • Reaching for and grabbing things, and putting them in his mouth.
  • Drooling like crazy. That combined with the above makes me think he's beginning to teethe. My nipples are already cringing.
  • Smiling up a storm, especially for Mommy. Makes my heart go pitter-patter.
  • Making smacking noises. The funniest thing is when he's nursing lying down next to me he'll occasionally pull off, roll over onto his back and start making smacking noises. This includes a weird lip-sucking, tongue-rolling thing. Then he'll roll back over and take another drink, only to repeat the entire process. The effect is that of someone at a wine-tasting. Well, maybe a pornographic wine-tasting.
  • Whapping his straight-out arms against his legs repeatedly. He kind of looks like Meg White drumming, except without the long black hair. Or the boobs.
  • Windmilling whatever arm is on top when he's lying on his side. I swear, those arms have a mind of their own. They go flying around like they're not even part of him. Weird.
  • And finally, when I blow raspberries at Henry, he smiles and tries to do it back.
This concludes the latest update.


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