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Monday, August 28, 2006

Funny Like I'm a Clown?

Henry has been cracking us up lately. Here are a few of his more memorable funny moments:

  • As I've mentioned previously, Henry likes throwing things over the edge of the railing in the play area onto the stairs below. Usually I can tell when he's about to drop something because he's has not yet become subtle in his devilishness. The other day, though, he was standing near the railing, ran (well, toddled really really fast) over to the bin of duplos, grabbed a duplo structure, ran back to the railing and dropped it over, all before I could barely register what he was doing.
  • Although I've asked Henry repeatedly not to hit the metal base of the table lamp in the living room, it's irresistible to him. He's taken to banging on it while maintaining eye contact with me, grinning broadly, and shaking his head "no."
  • Henry's "isth" (the sound he uses to indicate pretty much everything) has become "es" now. He says it to point out trucks, flags, ceiling fans and lights or to request that I open the shade or give him his toothbrush. And if he gets really excited about something the sound gets louder and higher in pitch until I acknowledge it: "es! ES! ES! ES!"
  • Usually when Henry is nursing my husband has to be extremely quiet and stay out of the room or Henry will pull off, lift his head, and point at him. A few weeks ago Henry and I were sitting on the couch nursing and my husband very quietly sat down on the chair across from us, out of Henry's view. This time Henry didn't seem to notice my husband at all until he silently, and without looking his way, raised one arm and pointed directly at him.
  • On the weekends when Henry wakes up we encourage him to play in our room for a bit before opening the door and getting up with him. Yesterday morning when my husband finally opened the door Henry darted down the hallway, but instead of following him my husband returned to our room and climbed back into bed. Henry followed him, stood in the doorway, shook his head and let out a shriek of frustration and distress and ran out of the room as though his heart were broken.
  • Finally, today, in the middle of his nap, Henry lifted his head off the bed, said, "DA-da!" quite cheerfully, put his head back down, and continued sleeping.
Yep, funny like a clown.


  • Hilarious! Especially the "pointing at Dad while nursing" bit. Absolutely adorable.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:18 PM  

  • I love it!!! What a sweetie. I love the way you write.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:59 PM  

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