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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Count Ability

Last night, as I was nursing Henry to sleep, he asked to switch to the other side. As usual, I suggested we sing the alphabet song or count to ten first. He chose counting to ten, and as usual, he couldn't just simply count to ten.

Me: One.
Henry: Six.
Me: Two.
Henry: Nine.
Me: Three.
Henry: Five.
Me: Four.
Henry: Soove.
Me: "Soove"?
Henry: *giggle*
Me: Five.
Henry: Ten.
Me: Six.
Henry: One.
Me: Seven.
Henry: Six.
Me: Eight.
Henry: Four.
Me: Nine.
Henry: Three.
Me: Ten.
Henry: Two.
Henry: I was just teasin'.


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