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Friday, February 20, 2009

My Birthday

I turned thirty-eight two days ago and while I didn't do anything flashy, it was a wonderful birthday. My husband took the day off work and after we took Henry to storytime together I got to go out shopping. By myself. Then I came home and took a bath. It was heavenly.

Friends wished me a happy birthday with cards, Facebook greetings and even flowers. Another friend is taking me out for drinks on Saturday. My mom, sister and in-laws gave me gifts earlier in the week.

My husband, though, deserves special mention. He's a great husband and is always appreciative of me, even when I'm not sure it's merited. I don't really need material things to prove how much he loves me. But his birthday gifts were so thoughtful that I wanted to share:

  • A few assorted small kitchen utensils that I'd been wanting.
  • A book on teaching yourself to play piano. (We got a "new" antique piano recently and I'd like to learn to play.)
  • A CD version, mastered and cleaned up, of a tape of songs I'd written and recorded fourteen years ago. This was something I've been wanting him to do for a while, but the time and care he took with it just blew me away.
  • And a poem telling me how much I rock.

The last gift was in response to one I'd given him when he turned thirty-eight. Here's what he wrote:

To My Best Friend
On Her Thirty-Eighth Birthday

Six years ago
A friend of mine
Professed her love
Inside a rhyme

No memories stray
As I repay
My sentiments
On her birthday

So whether I express my love
On paper or on coffee mug
The following things
Are not said enough


best mother best researcher best wife best caregiver best daughter best doctor best sister best therapist best daughter-in-law best teacher best step-mother best writer best neighbor best partner best listener best financier best lover best organizer best homemaker best cleaner best cook best writer best blogger best friend


I love you

He made me cry, in the best possible way. It was a wonderful way to start thirty-eight.


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