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Friday, May 13, 2005

"The BeBe"

So, I'm 28 weeks along, and I've been feeling -- and seeing! -- the baby move a lot in the past several weeks. I can't tell you how fascinating I find this. It's better than TV.

I just read on that around this time the baby is about two-and-a-half pounds and measures 12 to 16 inches. That seems impossible, although I know he's all curled up. They don't call it the fetal position for nothing!

Last night I was watching "The O.C." (what can I my mind at least I'm not too old for Adam Brody or too young for Peter Gallagher) and I kept feeling the baby poking me in the ribs. I felt around for him and came across something hard and pointy. When I pressed down on it, it moved.

For some reason this seemed much different than the times I lay my hand over my stomach and feel the little twitches and bumps as the baby moves underneath. This was like, "Hey Mom, quit pushing on me!"

Can anyone tell me what happened in Orange County last night?


  • Hey, it's Harmony96 from MDC. I saw your blog link in your siggy and I've been reading the whole thing. :P

    I remember when my DD had a little heel poking out, and I'd press it and it moved away. :) I'm sure there will be more parts of your blog that will bring up nostalgia for me, and I'll comment on them then, also. :)

    By Blogger Andrea, at 4:29 PM  

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