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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Shower Power

I had my "friend" baby shower last weekend (as opposed to my upcoming "family" shower -- the quotes are in no way meant to be ironic) hosted by my wonderful friend Andrea. She went out of her way to make sure the food was vegan and her home was welcoming, right down to the candles in the fireplace. It says a lot about her that she threw a shower that reflected who I am as a person rather than what's traditional. Thank you, Andrea.

One of the nice things about my shower was that Andrea had asked people to "bring a favorite childhood or motherhood item...or something as a kid or a mom that you wish you would have done." In response to that, my friends came with a mix of the touching to the practical.

One said that she wished she had kept a journal, because even though her son is only one-and-a-half she knows she isn't remembering everything about his development. (I'm hoping I have a head start on that one with this blog.)

Another woman said that breastfeeding can hurt for the first six weeks, so if I really want to make a go of it I should hang in there.

Yet another mom whose kids are grown offered a bit of zen advice: be in the moment with your child as much as possible, because the time goes by so fast.

I was moved by the thought people put into their gifts, too. One friend knitted the baby a sweater and pointy hat -- it's just too cute. She also included a onesie that says "Question Authority." Does she know me or what?

The friend with the grown children gave me a receiving blanket from when her kids were babies, saying that one of her favorite first memories of their babyhood was having the nurse at the hospital wrap them up and present them to her "like a gift."

Andrea gave me a stuffed animal (I think it's a dog, but no one's quite sure) and told me that it was like the one she received at the age of fourteen which ended a childhood of insomnia.

Another friend, who gave me some very useful and appreciated gifts at my shower, has promised me her children's crib and changing table. (Don't worry, her kids have moved past the age of needing them.) Donna, if you're out there, let me know when I can pick them up. This New Mama is in serious get-everything-ready mode.

I'm lucky to have such thoughtful friends. It makes me realize that we're all in this journey together.


  • Scout! We have been sooo busy, but Sunday is good. I shall bring them to you. D

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:12 AM  

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