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Friday, June 03, 2005

This One Goes Out to the One I Love

Because I may sometimes exploit my husband in the name of entertainment ("Man! I really took a beating in the blog today!"), I thought I would devote an entry to telling you how wonderful and supportive he has been through all of this.

Sometimes when I moan and groan and try to get comfortable, he looks over at me with sympathy and says, "My poor baby, you're working so hard!" (He has also been known to say that I am kicking this pregnancy's ass, which I think is a good thing.)

He lets me ramble on and on about my new preoccupation with cloth diapers and organic crib mattresses and glass vs. plastic bottles. And I think he's actually listening.

He's just as interested as I am in the prenatal class we're taking with our doula...and wants to do the homework!

He's told me and other people that although he went through three pregnancies and births with his first wife, this time it's different because I'm different and we're different.

The other night when I was clearly not looking my best he told me he thought I was beautiful.

He's never once complained about the third party I've been bringing to bed with me -- my body pillow -- even though it takes up almost as much room as I do.

And finally, even though I'm aware that the going will get tough, I feel completely confident that I can count on him no matter what. And really, what more could I ask for than that?


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