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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Super-Duper Ultrasound

Yesterday I had another ultrasound done. At first I laid there thinking, "Well, this isn't nearly as interesting as the previous one." I guess once you've seen that string-of-pearls spine and an arm waving back and forth it's not quite as amazing the second time around.

Or maybe I'm just jaded.

But then we caught a view of the baby's face -- his closed eyes, his nose, his lips and his chin -- and I got a bit choked up. He moved his lips, making a sucking motion, and for some reason that made him seem like such a real baby.

It was also pretty cool to see the movement I was feeling up on the screen. I told the technician I could feel the baby poking me in the left side of my ribcage and she showed us how he had both feet and one hand in that area. We were even able to see all the little toes on one of his feet.



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