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Monday, May 16, 2005

What's in a name?

My husband and I pretty much have a name picked out for the baby. The first name is actually one he wanted to use for his second child, but he couldn't get a consensus on that.

I really like it, though, and it goes well with the middle name we've chosen. But there are still two-and-a-half months left in this pregnancy and there's always the slightest chance we'll change our minds.

Most people are pretty cool with us saying, "We have a name in mind, but we're not 100% certain, so we're not telling anyone until the baby is born."

Most people except my husband's sisters, that is. We saw them last weekend and they would not let it drop. They were trying to guess -- Is it a really strange name, or is it traditional? Give us the first letter! -- and then one of my sisters-in-law actually guessed it.

My husband doesn't think this is so terrible, but I was a bit peeved. I mean, if we want to tell people we will, and if we don't want to tell people, then let us surprise everyone after the baby arrives. Don't ruin it for us by guessing.

On a lighter note, my stepdaughter continually asks what the baby's name is, too. I keep telling her that we don't know yet; her dad and I will decide when the baby is born. One day after receiving my pat response she said, "How 'bout...Tweety Bird?"

The funny thing is that she wasn't joking. Hey, maybe we could call him T.B. for short.


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