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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Just a Perfect Day

I had such a lovely time with my boy today.

He woke up before the sun, which was very un-lovely, but then my husband didn't have to leave until later than normal so we all sat down and had breakfast together.

After Daddy left for work Henry and I went to the American Council of the Blind Thrift Store, where I found this toy for $1.97:

and the woman in line ahead of us asked all sorts of questions about Henry and commented on how happy he seemed.

After that we went to our local health-food co-op, where the manager talked to Henry and said what a happy little guy he was, and the woman in line behind us did the same, and our favorite cashier, who always asks Henry, "And how is my lit-tle friend today?" rang us up.

Then we went home and had ravioli and oranges for lunch. It was Henry's first time eating an orange, and he seemed to enjoy it.

When we were done with lunch we bundled up and went outside for a walk. As I was buckling Henry into the stroller and putting on his mittens (another first -- and he kept them on the entire time!) we saw a small plane circling our neighborhood. We waved to the plane and it tipped its wings back and forth in reply. We watched it circle around a few more times before starting our stroll.

About a block away from home we saw a backhoe cruising down the street. I stopped and turned the stroller to face it and as I was pointing it out to Henry, the driver waved at us.

I couldn't help but think what a friendly, fascinating place the world must seem to you when you're one year old. I'm so lucky to be able to experience things through Henry's eyes.

At the park (no playground, but enough woodchips, sticks and leaves to satisfy any toddler) Henry had fun running around and bringing me treasures. I threw some maple seeds (helicopters) up in the air and we watched as they twirled back to the ground.

After we got home we napped together; playtime followed. Then Daddy came home and we had dinner.

All in all, just a perfect day.


  • Sounds like a lovely day. It's so nice the joy that small children bring to so many people. I went to the drugstore this afternoon and passed an elderly gentleman on the way in. His entire face lit up, and he greeted my daughter, then turned and watched us as we walked on. There is the occasional curmudgeon (like the bitch who tried to cut in front of me at the post office, then tapped her foot impatiently while I loaded M into the car (we were parked next to her)), but most people are so genuinely pleased to see small children, and now that I have one, I know why!

    By Anonymous S, at 6:58 PM  

  • By the way, I am DIGGIN' the Radio Flyer toy ... what a steal!

    By Anonymous S, at 6:59 PM  

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