New Mama Musings

Friday, August 29, 2008

Random Photos

I just bought a new lens on the advice of my friend Allie (thanks, Allie!) and wanted to show off some photos I took today. Check out those eyes!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Some Kind of Comedian

This morning in bed, as Henry was head-butting me and elbowing me and thrashing around, I finally got fed up, shoved his leg away, and said, "Don't knee me in the chest!"

He giggled and said, "Did you just hand me in the leg?"

(Also, Eeyore is pronounced "He-whore," a cicada is a cicad-o, and the song, apparently, is actually titled "The Itsy-Spitsy Spider.")

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Count Ability

Last night, as I was nursing Henry to sleep, he asked to switch to the other side. As usual, I suggested we sing the alphabet song or count to ten first. He chose counting to ten, and as usual, he couldn't just simply count to ten.

Me: One.
Henry: Six.
Me: Two.
Henry: Nine.
Me: Three.
Henry: Five.
Me: Four.
Henry: Soove.
Me: "Soove"?
Henry: *giggle*
Me: Five.
Henry: Ten.
Me: Six.
Henry: One.
Me: Seven.
Henry: Six.
Me: Eight.
Henry: Four.
Me: Nine.
Henry: Three.
Me: Ten.
Henry: Two.
Henry: I was just teasin'.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

A Pox Upon the House of Henry

After a summer filled with one intentional, one incidental and one more intentional exposure, Henry has finally come down with chickenpox.

On Wednesday, the thirteenth day after the latest exposure, he developed three red spots under the front of his diaper. By the next morning they were blisters. The day after that more spots started appearing, mostly on his back. When we woke up this morning, they were on his face and scalp.

So far he seems pretty unaffected, other than an increased restlessness at night. I'm not sure when the intense itching sets in, though. Hopefully this will prove to be a mild case.

It felt strange to expose Henry to sick kids, hoping he'd get sick, too. But I want him to get full immunity and have this out of the way now, while he's little. I'm thinking this is one of those "some day you'll thank me" parenting moments.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Heard in the Night

Henry has long talked in his sleep, but now that he's three years old the things he says have become more clear and even more entertaining. A few nights ago he said, "I'll huff...and I'll puff...."

On a related note, Henry sometimes asks to nurse in the night, even though we night-weaned months ago and he knows I won't nurse him until morning. Lately, if it's after 5am I give in.

I think that's pretty generous, so you can imagine that the other day when he wanted to nurse at 4:30am I was not about to go for it.

He asked, in many different ways, with many different inflections: "MOMMY, I want to nahs! I want to NAHS, Mommy. Please nahs!" I've learned to firmly say no after the first request and then ignore him, so I was completely silent while he begged in a million different ways.

He stopped; it was quiet for about fifteen seconds, and then he said, "What? [pause] What did you say?"

Monday, August 04, 2008

Three on the Third