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Monday, September 17, 2007

"H" is for Holy Crap! Part Two

Tonight after dinner Henry picked up the Magna Doodle and started shrieking, "Make H!" He was getting really frustrated so I sat on the floor and drew an "H" for him, telling him to make two lines next to each other and one crossing between them.

I guess he just needed a refresher (we haven't drawn any letters all day), because he immediately proceeded to draw this:

I'm afraid my son has inherited my perfectionist tendencies, though, because he said, "NO! Doan yike dis. 'Rase it!" I had to take this picture under protest.

Because, you know, it would be really embarrassing for him if I trot the photo out during his Nobel Prize acceptance speech in thirty years. My God, those lines aren't even perfectly straight!


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